As a science educator I recognise the need for evidence-based reasoning and am concerned that many people are unable to tell the difference between fact, opinion and absolute rubbish.

A claim that something is true must be supported by evidence. Otherwise it is worthless. Christopher-Hitchens-Evidence

Not everyone recognises that real evidence is hard-won through data gathering and interpretation, not based on a single instance or opinion.

Even when we are in possession of strong evidence, we then need to incorporate that knowledge into our view of the world.

We all approach an issue with a set of beliefs and values. If we are presented with new evidence that conflicts with firmly-held beliefs, we are often more likely to reject the new information and cherry-pick a few ‘other facts’ to support our beliefs.

reassuring lie

This ‘confirmation bias’ is a major barrier to changing our mind in the light of new evidence.



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  1. Chris Rains

    The minority, “Independent Climate Scientists” which dispute the other 95% of Climate Scientists consensus on man made climate change usually have a paid sceptic agenda.

    These complete intellectual liars have a personal gain agenda which cherry pick data to “prove” the real scientists are wrong, and prevent real and more complete data analysis being provided to the public..

    If the public want high quality analysis of climate science, non-mainstream media is the only place to get it from. e.g. Andrew Bolt and Christopher Monkton are not knowledgable journalists (or scientists) who feed the public the propaganda of cherry picked sceptic data.

    The new, independent Australian Climate Council, is a great place to get up to date, evidence based, observable and measurable information.


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